Benefits of Keeping your Car’s Interior Clean

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety published a report in 2016 about the characteristics of American drivers. The data revealed that we spend an average of 17,600 minutes on the road, in our cars. That’s a lot of time, if you think about it, which could mean that we dirty our car interiors a lot, too.

But having a clean car, inside and out, is something car owners should prioritize because it brings more than just a clean and squeaky vehicle. Find out the benefits of keeping your car interior clean from the list below.

7 Benefits of a Clean Car Interior

1. Longer Car Life

Locked in moisture, stuck dirt, and hardened food and environmental deposits can corrode car interiors. Wiping them off and using car carpet cleaner and car seat cleaner every now and then will help preserve the life of your vehicle and everything inside it, including you.

2. Protects Your Health

A clean car is free from infection- and allergy-causing bacteria and fungi that grow from molds and food droppings. It’s also free from a bad smell. A disinfected steering wheel prevents the spread of diseases transmitted by hand contact.

3. Paves Way to Safe Driving

Interior car cleaning helps prevent road accidents. Think about how water or handprints on windows cloud up your visibility and the light from the outside.

4. Saves on Fuel

Clogged up dirt forces your engine to work harder, which leads to having to pay more and frequently for repairs. Cleaning your vents, tubes, and machines will help lighten the load of your vehicle and lessen unnecessary expenses.

5. Provides a Clearer Head space

Empty food cartons, leftover coffee, unwashed gym clothes and shoes, forgotten jacket from a night out, and other types of clutter can pile up inside our cars. It’s a natural part of owning a vehicle. But just letting them be and not throwing them out or washing them can have a psychological effect on us⁠—a messy space can increase our stress levels, ruin our focus, increase exhaustion, and trigger disinterest.

6. Contributes to Personal Image

It’s true that the type of car we drive can speak of our social status, but the condition and appearance of it speak of our personality and priorities in life. Cleanliness projects a good image and also contributes to our sense of self. Messiness, on the other hand, may prevent a good impression and hinder us from having a healthy self-perception.

7. Preserves the Value of Your Car

Let’s admit it. We don’t want to be driving the same car for the rest of our lives. At some point, we’re going to sell our current vehicle for an upgraded version. And when we do, we want to get a good price for our sale.

One way to help ensure this is taking regular trips to auto detailing shops for car maintenance and cleaning. Car interior detailing ensures every nook and cranny inside your vehicle is cleaned, vacuumed, and steamed—natural fibers, leather, plastic, glass, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics, and others.

How to Clean Your Car at Home

Liked the sound of these benefits? Then, it’s time to get started on car interior cleaning. Professional car detailing is the better option, but knowing how to clean minor vehicle mess contributes to its overall goal.

  1. If you’ve just used your car, give it time to cool down before washing it. This will prevent the appearance of dried water and soap marks on your car paint.
  2. Use soap, clay, and polish made specifically for car washing. Opt for microfiber mitt cloth and a sponge instead of a regular towel and brush.
  3. Wash your wheels first to get rid of stuck pebbles and grime.
  4. Next, wash the panels. Start from the hood, then the trunk, and then the body segments. Soap one and rinse with water before proceeding to the next.
  5. Wet the entire vehicle again with a hose spray before drying it with a microfiber towel. Sun-drying isn’t advisable as it will yield watermarks on car paint.
  6. Once completely dry, use a lubricant clay to polish your car’s exterior. Rub it gently on your car panels. It’ll turn dark. Simply refold it to use the cleaner side.
  7. Use a buffer to do the final polishing.
  8. Don’t forget the interior! Wiping dirt, vacuuming the seats and carpet, and getting rid of clutter are the efforts you can do at home.

Want a clean car and a cleaner image?

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